Meet my sous-chef!

Meet Winston!

This is my buddy Winston. He always provides company and assistance in the kitchen and along with my lovely boyfriend is always willing to try my creations, as you can see below. Each week I’m going to do a post on his contributions in the kitchen. This morning we made breakfast sandwiches, complete with a fried egg, melted cheese, turkey bacon, and wheat toast. The turkey bacon and the wheat toast make this breakfast slightly more healthy, while still remaining super tasty. My bf covers the entire thing in hot sauce, of course, but that is entirely optional. With my two main men in the kitchen, the whole thing doesn’t take more than five minutes!

He is currently trying bacon.



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2 responses to “Meet my sous-chef!

  1. Adorable! And I don’t even like cats, so that is really saying something 🙂

  2. Thank you! I usually am more of a dog person myself, which is why I love Winston- he thinks he is a dog and acts accordingly (complete with playing fetch, sitting on command, giving kisses and wanting belly rubs)!

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