Turkey Meatballs

This recipe is another gem that I found from epicurious. The link is below as usual. I’ve made these a couple of times, but I came home for a visit today and made a double batch for one of my huge family dinners. The meatballs are super tasty and a hit on most nights with my meat-loving boyfriend, as well as my non-meat-loving mom, and my toddler nieces. Tonight I apparently overcooked them a little bit. The turkey was more lean than I usually get and better quality, so frankly it had less flavor and cooked faster, even though the meatballs were bigger. As an added benefit it’s super healthy and cost-efficient (which I always love)!

Usually I heat up some red sauce from a jar and put the sauce and meatballs over pasta. They would also be super yummy in a sandwich, or you can eat the leftovers plain, as does my bf.

The recipe makes a ton, so expect leftovers!

Turkey meatballs without the sauce



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  1. DTheveny

    I’m might try turkey meatballs… but I’m going to take them out of the oven a tiny bit early and simmer them in red-sauce for as long as I can stand not eating.

    Turkey gets dry really easily, but sauce is saucy.

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