Tagliatelle with Fresh Corn Pesto

While on vacation with my family, my mommy and I made this recipe. We couldn’t find tagliatelle in the store, so we substituted it with wide fettuccine. I also try to make recipes healthier whenever possible without sacrificing taste, so we substituted turkey bacon for regular. The recipe we found in the latest Bon Appetite magazine, so I posted a link below for the recipe on epicurious.

Feedback: Everyone at the table loved this pasta. There is no cream whatsoever in this recipe, but the corn gives it a great creamy texture. Also the corn gives a really gentle sweetness (with no sugar!). It is a great substitute for regular old red sauce or pesto and utilizes summer veggies! My mom would have preferred wider noodles, but I thought it was quite tasty as is. Also the recipe calls for you to include some of the water the pasta was boiled in. I personally liked the sauce a bit thicker with less water, but others may disagree.




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