Chopped Salad

So I must confess, I’m really not a salad person. Occasionally I’ll be in the mood for a great spinach salad or something with lots of fruit, but most of the time, I’ll opt for the bread at the restaurant table or any other sort of green, or fruit, or dessert, or almost anything. It’s not that I’m opposed to vegetables, I just find lettuce to be fairly boring most of the time. A great chopped salad can be the rare exception. I think I like them because I don’t have to deal with the mixing and cutting and stirring, etc. This salad is a nice alternative to the traditional cob with eggs, bacon or ham. As an added bonus for more picky eaters, it’s vegan!

My mom and sister (a vegan) were going to a party and I made this salad for them to take with them. For a better party dish, we doubled the recipe. The recipe makes a HUGE amount of dressing, so we barely used half of it and the salad was well covered. I liked that the salad had lots of olives (a favorite of mine) and a nice tangy taste. I also find chopping, well preparing food of any sort really, to be very relaxing (hence the blog). Something about the immediate gratification or the repetitiveness is very calming. Since this salad has lots of chopping, it was quite soothing! The recipe is below.

This picture is deceiving. The bowl is gigantic, so the salad is too.


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  1. DTheveny

    Arugula is the cure for boring lettuce.

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