Cobbler debacle

So I intended to write this post on Sunday after I returned from my vacation, but in a move of pure genius I left my computer at my family home and just got it back in the mail.

So here is the story of my cobbler debacle. The recipe came from a California Fresh Cookbook. I think it was one that focuses on fresh recipes for the Spring and Summer. The cobbler was nectarine and blueberry and sounded incredibly easy…or so it seemed. The recipe called for a 2 quart dish. Now, I had no idea what the heck that was, so I searched online. While usually trusty, google led me astray this time. It told me that a 2 quart pan was 7 x 11 inches.

Away I went, preparing the fruit, making the crust and combining them in my 7 x 11 dish. My first inclination that something was wrong came when I poured in the fruit. The recipe said to melt the butter, but the dough batter on top, then pour in the fruit…however the butter rose up around the dough, and both the dough and butter rose up around the fruit.

But I figured, who was I to judge? I’m no cobbler expert! So I popped it in the oven and set the timer for 40 minutes, just like it said. After about 20 minutes I turned on the oven light to check on my creation and to my horror, the dough was dripping out the sides in globs and landing on the bottom of the oven. My dad helped me scoop up the dough from the sides of the pan and place it carefully on top, but nothing could be done for the already-burning bits on the oven floor.

As awfully as this experiment was going, I wasn’t about to waste the amazing nectarines and blueberries, so I kept it in the oven. When the buzzer went off and it was time to remove the cobbler, I opened the oven door and billows of smoke poured out. I opened all the windows and then my sister, like a trusty sidekick, stood next to the oven waving towels at the smoke while I removed the cobbler.

The end result: The oven was a mess, but the cobbler was extremely tasty. Clearly a two-quart pan is not 7 x 11. If anyone actually knows what size it is, I’d be extremely grateful to know. I think with that crucial knowledge this recipe would be an easy summer hit, and one that I would willingly make again!

Can you see the clumps of burned dough?

The end result: not pretty, but yummy.


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