Chicken Divan

Or as it is fondly known in my house, Chicken Divine. So you know how there are some dishes that are really really tasty, but look horrible? Fair warning….this is one of those. It’s an old family dish that probably originated as a way to get the kids to have veggies, protein and whole grains….and it worked.

The dish has broccoli, chicken and a curry sauce. The sauce has low-fat mayo, cream of celery soup (the condensed kind from Safeway or Giant, don’t add the water), cheddar cheese, and curry.

I first steam two heads of broccoli for about five minutes (just the crowns), then place the broccoli on the bottom of a Pyrex pan, like so….

While steaming the broccoli, I also boil 4 chicken breasts for about twenty minutes. My bf then cuts up the chicken for me. I am not grossed out by many things in the kitchen and I love the taste of chicken, but I hate handling it. Something about the fat or something totally weirds me out. So after my lovely bf cuts the chicken into bite-size pieces, I put the chicken on top of the broccoli….

Then I put the sauce on top of both (yes I know it’s a little weird looking)…

The pan then goes in the oven (pre-heated to 350) for 35-40 minutes. While the stuff is cooking, I also cook brown rice then serve the sauce mix over a bed of rice…



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