World’s Easiest Steak and Sir Winston

This recipe is by far the easiest thing I have ever made. It takes a bit of thinking ahead, but as long as you plan, you will be successful. The steak marinade is one cup soy sauce (I use low sodium), one bottle of beer (anything that’s not light) and six cloves of garlic. Throw them all in a bag along with some steaks (pretty much any kind is good, I particularly like tri-tip or flank) and marinate for 24 hours. If you are cooking the steak on the grill, take them out of the marinade and throw them directly on the fire. If you are using a frying pan, I would suggest patting the steak down to remove any excess marinade- otherwise the flavor is just a tad bit too strong.

This is what the steaks look like after marinating, but before cooking. They darken a bit because of the dark marinade.

Now, Sir Winston likes most kinds of food. He will gladly nibble on pancakes, pudding, yogurt, bread, pretty much anything. But he LOVES meat, fish and chicken- no surprise there, he is, after all a cat even if he acts like a dog 99.9% of the time. And of course, being totally spoiled and self-important, he feels the need to express his thoughts…clearly and LOUDLY. I’ve decided to post a quick video to display he vocal talents.

This ruckus was only when he wanted a snack! He had already eaten his dinner. When Winston is expected a meal, he meows incessantly until he gets his food. Unfortunately, because the steak was marinated, he didn’t get any because I was worried about his little belly, but I did give him some special kitty treats.

My bf and I, on the other hand, quite enjoyed the steak, featured here with the pesto from yesterday’s post….


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