Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus

I got this recipe on and it was definitely a good find. It’s a great summer pasta dish because it is super light and doesn’t feel heavy in your belly. The recipe link is below.  My bf also really liked this recipe, so I think it would be a hit with almost everyone. That being said, it is a little plain, so if you are craving and huge punch of flavor, this probably isn’t the right dish.

The recipe is also really easy and quick, so is great for a work night or after a long day. First you cook the chicken in olive oil, a little garlic powder, pepper and salt. At this point I would recommend adding more pepper, salt and garlic powder than you would think necessary because these are really the only flavors in the sauce.

I took out the chicken and put it on a paper towel, which was on top of a cutting board. In the same skillet, I added the chicken stock, asparagus, garlic, and more garlic powder, salt, and pepper. I steamed the asparagus for about 6 minutes, then added the chicken to briefly reheat the chicken. While doing all of this, I also boiled the pasta and put it in a large boil.

Once the chicken was hot, I put the mix in the pasta and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I added a little more olive oil. I was also supposed to add Parmesan, but I had run out the other night, so I added mozzarella. I think it definitely would have been better with Parmesan. At the end I also added a bit more salt, pepper, and garlic powder- which was needed.


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