Pasta with marinara and sausage

So today was a fairly rough day. I came home and was exhausted, in a foul mood, and while I still wanted home-cooked food, I did not want to make anything extravagant. My lovely boyfriend helped me with dinner tonight, which was a lovely treat.

First we cooked the sausage until there was a little pink left in the center.

Then we took the sausage out of the pan, and cut them into bite size slices. We then put the slices back into the skillet and cooked them for a few more minutes until they were a little crispy on the outside.

While the pasta was boiling, we added the sausage to some red sauce and made sure everything was hot.

We then put the sauce mix over pasta and it was amazing. For a well rounded meal, we boiled the rest of the corn that we had bought over the weekend and it was an amazing dinner- exactly what I needed to turn my head around. It’s definitely something worth remembering if you have a crazy day.

So I want to know, what do you do for comfort food when you have had a horrible day?



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2 responses to “Pasta with marinara and sausage

  1. Dan

    Comfort Cooking: Pasta in spicy as hell Arrabbiata sauce. I’ll make it myself if I’ve got a ton of time… otherwise I saute a bunch of garlic and whatever spicy peppers I have around and add them to something from a jar.

    Alternative: A good cut of steak, bloody as hell, with garlic masted potatoes if I can stand the mashing process.

    • Those both sound amazing…although very intense for simple comfort food. There is nothing like a good mashed potato though. As I’m sure you saw, in Anthony Bourdain’s 100th recipe, they go to that French legend’s restaurant and his mashed potatoes are 2 pounds potatoes, one pound butter. I’m sure they are incredible.

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