Kale with pan-fried walnuts

I have decided that I can never post a menu again….it is a curse against actually making what I planned. Last night I didn’t get home until really late and by then all I wanted to do was go to sleep. So, of course, I didn’t make the chicken and kale with pan-fried walnuts.

So I made the kale dish tonight and we also had Chinese Chicken Salad leftovers. It was highly underwhelming and frankly not very tasty. Kale is a fairly dry vegetable and walnuts are also dry and for lack of a better word…..very nutty. The garlic and kale is a nice combination but that’s about it. But since I made it, ate it and photographed it….here’s the review.

First, I chopped up the kale. and rinsed it.

Then I boiled the kale for about six minutes.

While the kale was cooking, I chopped up the walnuts and the garlic. I drained the kale and patted it down when it was done.

I then sauted the walnuts in a little vegetable oil for about 6 minutes also. I then added the garlic and cooked it for about a minute. I then added the kale to the pan and warmed it up again.

I am really sorry for the lackluster post. It’s hard to be excited about food that was not at all excited to eat.

If I haven’t completely turned you off from this recipe, here is the link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Kale-with-Panfried-Walnuts-356015



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2 responses to “Kale with pan-fried walnuts

  1. Chris

    Lacinato kale works best for this dish. I also prefer to throw in some cranberries or cubes of roasted butternut squash for a change. I think you have to really love kale to like this dish — I could eat this 2-3 times a week!

    Some fun kale ideas: http://iheartkale.blogspot.com


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