Pumpkin Pie

So I want to apologize for being the worst blog host this week. Not only have I not followed my planned menu, but I’ve barely made anything at all! Last night I resorted to grilled cheese. Tonight, though, I tried to make up for it with a huge bang.

Now I’m not the only one in my house that is desperately waiting for fall to arrive. Both me and my bf love everything and fall and winter. The cold, the weather, the holidays, the food….you name it, we love it. The other day we were at the grocery store and canned pumpkin made it’s first appearance. That immediately prompted a request for pumpkin pie. I simply couldn’t say no.

I have mastered many baking techniques, but I must confess, making homemade pie crust is not one of them. So I bought it. Yes I know that’s terrible. But, what can I say, at this point, there are other things I need to spend my time on.

It’s also like the easiest dessert to make…ever. I mixed the spices, salt and sugar….

Then I beat the eggs and added the pumpkin….

Then I added the spice mixture….

Next you add the evaporated milk, mix it up and put it in the pie shell…

Then you bake at 425 for 10 minutes, then 350 for 45 minutes. And all done!

I know this is not the most excited post and almost everyone has had pumpkin pie, but I just wanted to show you that it really is that easy! So try it! It’s as foul proof as desserts come!


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