Kitchen Wish List

I’m not cooking anything today that I haven’t previously blogged about before, so I thought I would discuss the ever-present topic of the kitchen wish list. I mentioned it yesterday in my Birthday Cake post, but I have a running wish list. I’m sure most of you who do a decent amount of cooking do too. So here are the topic five things on my wish list.

1. A bigger kitchen. Yes, I know this is unrealistic for the time being, but it would be nice and would really help house the gadgets located lower on this list. I decided to post some pictures of my current kitchen below.

Here it is, the place where all of my cooking is done. I wanted to make it as authentic as possible, so I left out the drying dishes, the cake, etc.

Here is the left side, where I have my lovely, functional stove, with very little counter space. Above the stove houses the hardly-used items, because I can’t really reach that cabinet. Above the fridge is the liquor cabinet, because I also never go for those items. Above the counter has our mugs, snacks, extra tea stuff and hot cocoa. To the right of the stove is the silverware in the drawer, as well as the measuring spoons and measuring cups. In the cabinet next to the stove, the pots, skillets, and saucepans are located.

The right side of the kitchen is below. It has the plates, cups, glasses, glass pyrex, tupperware, sink, a few cleaning supplies, cooking gadgets and the dishwasher.

Below is the heart and soul of my pantry. It’s really nice to have an actual pantry, but it’s not very practical because the cabinets are so deep. I’m constantly trying to reorganize or find a better way to store things. The cooking supplies, cans, grains, toast, pasta, pasta sauce, etc. are on the top shelf. The bottom shelf has the spices that aren’t in the counter rack, the oils, vinegars, salt, pepper, and baking supplies I don’t use very often. If anyone has any ideas for better organization, I’d love to hear them.

The bottom cabinet has the sugars, flours, colander, garbage bags, plastic bags, wax paper, parchment paper, etc. Usually my big set of bowls also goes in the colander.

The top shelf has the cat food, my bf’s protein powder, and storage for extra things. This is a space I feel like I could utilize better, but I’m short and I haven’t found a way that works yet.

Anyway, I’m really pretty luck to have the kitchen that I do. It’s functional, usually pretty cleans and works great. But a few more feet wouldn’t hurt! Now, back to the list!

2. A double boiler. Yesterday you witnessed me trying to concoct one out of a metal bowl and a saucepan. It worked ok, but was pretty silly. Something like this would be great!

3. More spatulas. A cook can really never have too many. It’s like coffee mugs. I don’t like the ones would the spoon-like edges, these ones are much better.

You can get cheaper ones with wooden handles but they get nasty really fast and are harder to clean.

4. A really large covered, oven-safe skillet. I’ve seen 14 inch ones, but they are hard to find, so if push comes to shove, this 12 inch one would be pretty cool.

5. A Dutch oven. I can’t tell you how many recipes I’ve made recently that have called for a Dutch oven. A month ago I didn’t even know what it was! Now it seems essential.

Ahhh! I could look at kitchen gadgets all day! I just love them! I want to know, what are some of the kitchen things you pine for?



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2 responses to “Kitchen Wish List

  1. CoffeeDrinker

    #1 on my wish list — an Espresso/Cappuccino maker. If only they weren’t $5000 a piece…

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