Upside-down Shepherd’s Pie with Brussel Sprouts

The name of this recipe is a bit misleading and caused some disappointment in my house. It’s not really a shepherd’s pie. But the recipe is actually quite tasty. I also made brussel sprouts to inject a little green into our diet. The recipe is so so so easy. I used an 8 x 8 glass pyrex because I don’t have a ceramic baking dish. Here is the recipe online:

Anyone want to guess what I did first? That’s right! I prepared! As usual I got out all of my ingredients.

Then I trimmed the ends off the brussel sprouts, peeled off the outside leaves and cut little “x”‘s into the bottom of the stems so that they will absorb more water. The brussel sprout recipe and tips were from a friend. Her blog is here:

Then I sprayed the pyrex with pam and put the mashed potatoes (store bought in the fridge section- yes I was being lazy, one day I’ll do it the right way) in the pan. I spread the potatoes across the bottom and up the sides.

While the potatoes were cooking for 20 minutes at 450, I started cooking the meat in a skillet.

I cooked the meat for a few minutes until it was no longer pink, then drained it in a paper towel-lined colander. While the meat was cooking, I started water boiling for the brussel sprouts.

Next, I melted some margarine in the skillet and added the onions.

While the onions were cooking, I added the brussel sprouts to the boiling water.

After the onions had cooked for about 7 minutes, I added the meat back into the skillet. I then added the ketchup and the dried dill.

Then I turned down the heat to as low as possible, added the sour cream and the parsley, and mixed.

After the brussel sprouts had cooked for about 5 minutes, I took them out and placed them in a bowl of cold water. Meanwhile, I heated some margarine and added some chopped garlic.

I cut the sprouts in half and added them to the skillet.

While the sprouts were cooking for a few minutes, I spooned the meat mix into the potato “crust”.

After the sprouts cooked for a few minutes, I put them in a bowl and served! The meal was delicious and perfect for a fall night.



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4 responses to “Upside-down Shepherd’s Pie with Brussel Sprouts

  1. SameSchool

    The brussel sprouts look delish! I’m glad they went well 🙂

  2. They were excellent! Thanks so much for the suggestion! I really should have cooked them 45 seconds to a minute more, but they are much better undercooked than overcooked!

  3. I can understand the need to falsely label a recipe if you are including brussel sprouts as an ingredient. Adding sprouts to any recipe I try to feed our kids would certainly cause some disappointment in my house.

    • Yeah, luckily my little family will eat the sprouts with no problem. Unfortunately, the recipe I found mislead both me and my bf. I actually haven’t made it since.

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