Kitchen Necessities

When I’m creating my dishes in the kitchen, there are some things that I absolutely can’t live without. I thought I would do a post on what is needed for a functional cooker and baker’s kitchen.

Anything in the kitchen:

One of my favorite things in my kitchen is my recipe book. It was one of my more ingenious ideas and is super helpful.


The first page has all of my categories.





















Then, I have lots of tabs to correspond with the categories.





There are a few things that absolutely can’t be forgotten when stocking a good kitchen. Obviously good knives are a top priority. While I thinking having a wide variety of knives is important, you can really make do with three. A small paring knife, a sharp serrated knife for meat and a large knife will do.

Measuring ingredients is also pretty darn important. I find measuring spoons and cups to be the time of thing where you can literally never have enough. They always get dirty and I hate having to wash them while I’m in the middle of cooking. But having one good set will suffice (parts of my sets are in the dishwasher, so I showed both).

I actually prefer my metal spoons but it only has four spoons so this one is technically more practical if you are only getting one.

A good size cutting board to use those knives on is also really important.

A colander is also really important when preparing ingredients. It is super helpful for washing vegetables, draining pasta, chicken, etc.


When you have your ingredients ready, you’ll need to mix them in something. A set of nesting bowls is a must. I love these because they are really deep and so the materials don’t fly out when you are mixing them.

I also have a set of plastic nesting bowls because some ingredients, like fish, react with metal and the ingredients get ruined.

Now when it comes to actually cooking your food, there are a few necessities. A huge pot for sauces, soups, stews, etc. is great.























A set of skillets and sauce pans often come together. The basics are a large covered skillet, a steamer, a small pan and a sauce pan.

If you are cooking dishes in the oven, you will also need either a metal or glass baking pan. I love these glass pyrex because they have tops included…which makes clean up and storage so much easier. If you only have one pyrex, I’d get lots of Tupperware so that you can use the pyrex over and over again.






















When cooking these amazing dishes, what sort of utensils do you need? While a large variety is really helpful and reduces mid-cooking dish doing, these are the tools you can’t live without. A large flipper, a wooden spoon, a spatula, and big spoon.


If you have several of the tools above, then you are off to a great start in stocking your baker’s kitchen. You can use the spatulas, bowls, measuring cups and spoons, etc. However there are a few more things you will need.

You will need some cookie sheets and cooling racks. These can of course be used in some cooking dishes as well.























You also should have at least two round cake pans and a bread load pan. I actually got a third cake pan for 3-tier cakes but it’s not necessary.

What  are your cooking and baking necessities? What can’t you live without?


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