Fall Vegetable Curry

My mommy told me about this recipe. It’s so incredibly healthy and is perfect for fall. It’s also super fast and really easy. Here is the recipe: http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=10000002012769

The recipe was good, but not great, or maybe I just made it wrong. The curry sauce wasn’t very thick, although I just used my regular curry and it’s possible I needed a special kind. I also made it with quinoa rather than rice.

First, I started the quinoa boiling.

Then I cut up all of the vegetables: the sweet potato, cauliflower and onion.

Then I heated up the olive oil and sauteed the sweet potatoes for three minutes.

Then I added the onion, cauliflower and the curry and cooked for another minute.

Then I added the chickpeas, tomatoes and chicken broth and brought the mix to boil. Then I reduced the heat and simmered for 12 minutes.

I served it over the quinoa with cilantro sprinkled on top and a dollop of plain yogurt.

As I said, it was good, but the sauce could have been a little thicker and creamier. But it was so fast and easy I’d probably make it again.


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