Pasta with butternut squash and sage

This recipe is one of those rarities, that looks unhealthy, tastes unhealthy (and amazing), but is actually really pretty good for you. I told my bf what we were having dinner and he was less than thrilled. But when he smelled it and tasted it, he was beyond pleasantly surprised. I originally decided to try this recipe because I had leftover squash from the risotto I made last week. It was so easy, I just can’t say enough good things about it:

I started by chopping the onion.

Then I peeled and cut up the squash. I then put the pieces into the food processor and finely chopped the squash.

Next, I added some olive oil to the chopped onion and cooked for a few minutes until it was golden brown.

After a few minutes, I added the water, the squash and some salt.

While the squash was simmering (for about 15 minutes), I chopped up the sage and the parsley.

While all of this activity was taking place, I was also boiling the water for the pasta and cooking the pasta. The pasta was done right about now, so I reserved a cup of the pasta water.

After about 15 minutes, I added the sage and simmered for another minute.

After the last minute of simmering, I returned the pasta to the large pot, added the squash mix, the butter, parmesan cheese, parsley and some pepper.

I stirred until the butter had melted and the cheese had mixed in and then served.

This pasta literally tasted like incredible mac and cheese….but wasn’t! Try it! Please! You’ll be happy you did!



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3 responses to “Pasta with butternut squash and sage

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  2. Adrienne Brown

    This was really helpful! I will try this tonight

  3. I’m so glad you are going to give it a try! I hope it goes well!

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