Steak with roasted acorn squash

I got this squash recipe off of one of my favorite blogs, This Week for Dinner. The recipe is here:

The recipe is unbelievably easy and is perfect for fall. It’s also pretty tasty, so it makes it easy to eat your veggies!


I started by cutting the squash in half (each serving is half of a squash).




Then I cleaned out the squash, like I would a pumpkin.




Next, I chopped up the shallots.




Then I put half of the shallots in each half of the squash.




Then I put two thin slices of butter in each squash on top of the shallots.




Next, I sprinkled one teaspoon of brown sugar in each half of squash.




Finally, I sprinkled cinnamon over the entire squash. I then put the squash into the oven and baked for about 40 minutes, or until a knife can be inserted easily into the squash.



Meanwhile, my bf helped by making the steaks.




First, he sprinkled some meat rub on both sides.



Then he cooked the steak on really high heat for a few minutes on both sides, until they were cooked through to our liking. I like mine a little more well done than he does, so he usually takes his steak off before mine.



Right about the time the steaks were done, the squash was finished as well.




Here was our dinner!



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4 responses to “Steak with roasted acorn squash

  1. janemaynard

    glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the recipe! It was a big hit in my household. I even got a “it tastes like dessert”!

  3. Dan

    This looks really good… I’m going to make some squash soon. Tell Jake to try getting the pan searing hot before dropping the steaks in sometime. If you don’t mind a little smoke in the kitchen, put the pan in the oven on high heat before moving it to a stove-top. The meat will end up with an amazing crusty sear on the outside, and if you drop the burner down to medium at the right time, the inside can be as red/pink/burned as he’d like.

  4. That’s what he usually does, but apparently I was talking to him and distracted him so he put the steaks into the pan before thinking about it. He actually said something along the lines of “what would dan say!”

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