Favorite veggies

In the absence of an actual post, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite things. Do you all have a favorite vegetable? Usually I eat my veggies because it’s the healthy and right thing to do. However, artichokes are a whole different story. I LOVE them. I could eat them almost every day and not get tired of them.

Last night I made them and they were scrumptious.

I filled the pot with a few inches of water about boil with the lid on for about an hour. You can tell they are done when you can pull one of the leaves out from the center easily with tongs.



Last night I had one hot, then today I had one cold for part of my lunch.



I generally like mine with mayonnaise, but my mom makes a dijon mustard, vinegar mix, and some people like them with butter.

Do you all like artichokes? Is there a vegetable for which the vegetable rule simply doesn’t fit? I want to hear about them. Because unless artichokes are on the menu, I can use all the help I can get with eating my veggies.


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