Skillet bread

Some nicknames are deserved and some are not. My middle name is Mitchell. It was my great-grandmother’s maiden name and although I didn’t like it much when I was little, I’ve become more fond of it over the years. During a particularly annoying phase, my sister decided to call me Mitch. I hated it. It reminded me of some fat, old, bald man (no offense to anyone who is named Mitch or fits that description). Either way, it wasn’t descriptive of me as a 15 year old. She now calls me Mitchell, which in an odd sort of way, suits me. People get confused when she says it in public places and I respond, but I like it- it’s our special thing.

A few other nicknames that have been directed at me over the years include the fruit queen and the carb queen. Both are well deserved. I would live on fruit and bread if I could, provided every now and again I could turn it into dessert.

Tonight, my bf said I shouldn’t make dinner because we had so many leftovers (I’ve been making some of our favorites this week, which I’ve already posted about). I protested that my blog was in need of a new post, and eventually compromised for a side dish. I got this recipe off of one of my favorite blogs, here is the recipe:

This is actually the fastest and easiest thing I’ve ever posted on this blog. It has five ingredients and they are all in my pantry. Ready for this? Flour, baking powder, salt, water and butter. That’s it.


I started by mixing the dry ingredients in a bowl.



Then I added the water.




I stirred the mix until it had the consistency of pancake batter. It can be clumpy.



Then I heated up the skillet and melted the butter. The recipe didn’t say how much to use, so I went with a small slab. I think a half of a tablespoon is a good amount for the future.


I poured the batter into the skillet. This is a ten inch skillet and the recipe calls for a nine inch, but it was the best I could do. The next time I’ll smooth out the batter a bit more so it’s rounder around the edges, but it worked.

I cooked the bread for a few minutes on each side until browned like in the picture. The picture is deceiving however. It looks like it would taste like a tortilla. Let me tell you, it doesn’t. It’s amazing. Super mushy and moist on the inside and so much like a biscuit you can’t stop eating it. It would be great with honey or margarine, just like the author of the original recipe said. If you have ten minutes or less, I’m begging you to try this bread. You won’t be disappointed.


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