French yogurt cake with lemon

This recipe is out of the amazing book I talked about last weekend. I would type the recipe, but since it is the property of the author, I don’t feel quite right sharing it en masse. The cake is super easy and the frosting is even easier. If you want to make the cake, email me at and I’ll send it to you or buy the book. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

I love this cake. It is nice and light, not too rich. However, a word of warning. This dessert is not for the person who is ambivalent about lemon. Unlike my lemonade layer cake, which I don’t think I’ve posted (a good reminder to myself, I need to make it again!), this lemon cake tastes strongly like lemon. I think I may have made it a little worse because I ran out of fresh lemon juice and needed to use the kind out of the bottle, which tends to be more bitter. Next time I might add a little cream cheese or butter to cut the flavor a little, as my bf wasn’t a huge fan of the frosting. But anyway, if you like lemon- you’ll like this cake.


I started by greasing the pan, then cutting out parchment, placing  it in the pan, and greasing the top of the parchment.



Then I whisked together the flour, salt, and baking powder. I then added the lemon zest and whisked everything together again.



In a separate bowl, I mixed together the eggs, the yogurt and the sugar.




Next, I added the flour mix to the large bowl and stirred until it was just combined



Then I added the vegetable oil. Molly, the author, warned her readers that this step looks like an absolutely disgusting, oily mess. She wasn’t kidding. But per her instructions, I kept stirring, and after a minute or so, the batter turned into a beautiful, pale yellow that looks so smooth. I then poured the batter into the pan and baked for 25-30 min.


Meanwhile, I squeezed the lemon juice for the syrup. Unfortunately, I only had one lemon and I really needed two.



I then added the lemon juice to a bowl with powdered sugar and whisked it together into a syrup.



When the cake was done, I removed the pan from the oven and let the cake cool. After cooling for 15 minutes, I took the cake out of the pan.


I put the cake back on the cooling rack and put the rack over a rimmed baking sheet. I then poured the syrup slowly over the top of the cake, making sure the entire top was covered.



While the cake finished cooling completely, I whisked together the powdered sugar and the lemon juice for the frosting.



When the cake was cool, I moved it to my cake stand. I then spooned the frosting over the cake. The frosting is runny, so it is going to run down the sides. That’s ok. It’s really supposed to be a glaze.


The frosting eventually hardens and the cake really looks beautiful!


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