This recipe is another from “A Homemade Life”. To be honest, I didn’t originally think it sounded that tasty. What recipe uses canned tuna? But I loved the name. It sounds so cute and charming. Saying it out-loud makes me feel sophisticated and on the path to learning how to speak French. Anyway, I decided to give it a shot.

I am so very very glad I did. These little morsels are amazing. They sort of taste like quiche, except tons of flavor. They don’t taste at all like canned tuna and best of all are so incredibly easy.

First, I started by draining the tuna, then mashing it in a bowl into a bunch of tiny bits.

Then I added the rest of the ingredients: parsley, tomato paste, crème fraîche, Gruyère cheese, salt, eggs and onion.

This is what it looks like all mixed together. I know it looks gross. Please, stick with me. It’s so worth it.

Then I scooped some mix into 8 cupcake molds, which I had greased before filling.

After baking for 22 minutes at 325, this is what they look like.

I let them cool for five minutes in the tin, then cut them out and let the rest cool on a plate, while I gobbled up three. I couldn’t stop!


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