Aside from my gingerbread cookies that I posted on Friday, I didn’t make anything this week that I hadn’t previously written about. Maybe that makes me boring, I don’t know. I made some favorites (lighten up mac and cheese, fettucine with peas, asparagus and bacon), but mostly I made things I knew I wouldn’t mess up.

I made the quinoa dish tonight with chicken and veggies. I included a few small changes. I used 5 ounces of feta cheese instead of 4 because it was what I could find at the grocery store. I ran out of garlic (I honestly don’t know how that’s possible) and my measly grocery store doesn’t carry garlic scapes, so I used garlic powder. It was still just as delicious. I know I said this the first time, but it is so filling! It never fails to surprise me that I am absolutely stuffed after only a half of a bowl!

I love old recipes. I like that I know what to expect: how long it will take, what are some good tricks to make it successful, what it will taste like when I’m done. I love not having to worry about whether we will have to resort to my emergency pasta and red sauce stash. Another wonderful thing about tried-and-true recipes? I get to make some changes. I hate changing things in new recipes, because who am I to judge if it’s been written correctly? But with older dishes, I can add a little something here or put in less of something there.


I keep a running list of dinners on the fridge that my bf and I deem a success. When I’m stumped on what to make that week for dinner, I always consult my list. My bf, who is incredibly brilliant, can be quite forgetful with the smaller details in life, uses my blog the same way.

Say, for example, I ask “baby, do you want me to make the quinoa dish for dinner this week?” and bf responds “what one was that?”. I answer “the one with the chicken and tomatoes and zucchini and feta cheese? you really liked it”. To which he says “I have no idea what you are talking about”. Rather than me giving more details and getting annoyed, he can just go look at the pictures and try and refresh his memory. In this case, he still didn’t remember and thus was pleasantly surprised tonight when he tried the quinoa dish tonight.

Anyway, I tell you this story as a very long-winded way of saying- I suggest everyone keep a dinner list! If you were going to make a list, what recipes would you include? Please let me know! As much as I love my old treasures, I am always trying to find new dishes as well!


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