Christmas Ham

Even though it’s not yet Christmas, I am very much in the holiday spirit. In addition to my beautiful tree, there are twinkly lights adding sparkle to the apartment, garland draped everywhere and Christmas treats for all.

My little family, me, bf and Winston, love the holidays. Unfortunately, Winston’s love manifests itself in punching at the ornaments, wrestling with the tree skirt, and trying to pull down the garland.

My Christmas spirit is shown through cooking (what else!). One of my favorite holiday meals is ham. We don’t make it every year and for some reason I never think of it during the other 11 months. Well, this year, I’m changing that.

Ham is one of those things that seems way more daunting than it actually is. It’s a little pricey (not compared to other meats, but when you are a newly-graduated-still-in-the-college-mentality, $28 seems like a lot of money). But when you break it down, it’s going to provide or contribute major parts to at least three dinners for me and my bf. That’s a lot of food! It’s also ridiculously simple.

First, I put down two layers of tin foil, crossing over each other inside a pyrex. Then I put the ham, still in it’s wrappings, in the pan. I removed the wrappings and poured all of the juices over the ham. I cooked the ham with the bone sticking up in the air because I wanted the meat to cook in the juice, so I flipped over the ham. Then I wrapped up the tin foil nice and tight and baked for about 85 minutes on 325. You are supposed to cook 10-12 minutes for each pound, or until the ham is evenly heated. My ham was 9 pounds, but 90 minutes or more seemed like an awful lot and I didn’t want it to be dry, so I went with 85.


While the ham was cooking, I boiled little red potatoes for about 20 minutes. Hard potatoes are the worst, so make sure you can easily stick a fork into the center. I also trimmed and boiled brussel sprouts for about 7 minutes. Then I put the sprouts in a skillet, added some chopped garlic and margarine and cooked for a few minutes.


This is what the ham looked like when it was done. It pulled off the bone pretty easily and the entire apartment smelled amazing! It may take a while to bake, but seriously, easiest dinner ever.


We had the brussels and the potatoes on the side, so the dinner was nice and nutritious!




We had the potatoes with a little margarine, salt, and pepper and they were scrumptious!


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