Chocolate Filled Russian Tea Cakes

Last night I finished my graduate school applications. It was a big personal moment. Today, my bf finished his exams for his first semester of law school. You could say these 24 hours have been monumental. We needed a treat.

Because I am going home to California early next week for the holidays, there really isn’t much in the house and I’m loathe to bake a huge batch of goodies. These little nummies were just perfect! They don’t make a huge batch, I didn’t need to get any other ingredients, and my bf could take some when he goes to his home tomorrow. I got the recipe from, but here is the link:

The recipe calls for chocolate stars, but all I had was semi-sweet baking chocolate. So I chopped it up into a bunch of tiny little pieces. Basically you want the pieces to be just a tad larger than chocolate chips and other than that what kind of chocolate you use is up to you.









Then I mixed together the powdered sugar, the butter and the vanilla. Then I added the flour, nuts and salt and mixed again.





Next, I took a tablespoon of dough at a time and put a little piece of chocolate in the center.  I then molded the dough around chocolate into a little ball.





This is what the entire tray looked like. In the future I will try and make them a little rounder all the way around. I cooked them for 10 minutes at 400, until the bottoms were golden brown.





While the cookies were baking, I mixed together the powdered sugar and the sprinkles. I didn’t have the colored sugar, so I just used Christmas sprinkles. Then as soon as the cookies were done, I rolled them one at a time in the bowl. It’s sort of a messy process, so I put them on a rack over a cookie tray when they were done.



This is what the cookies look like when they are done. They are amazing! The chocolate stays nice and melty on the inside and they are a wonderful change of pace when it comes to desserts. They are also so easy and quick- a perfect mid-week treat.


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