Comfort Stew

I’m pretty much officially going to grad school in California. Did I mention I got in somewhere? Oh, well better late than never. The program is amazing and the professor is the best of the best. I’ll be near family and I’m super excited to go back to school.

But to say the process is bittersweet is an understatement. See this amazing school is 3000 miles away the best bf I could ask for who is still in law school on the East Coast and will be for two more years. Sure, we’ve worked out a plan for visits, holidays and summers together, but I’m devastated. Pretty much ever since we started dating we’ve been annoyingly, sickeningly inseparable. Every detail of my day to day life will have to change. If this blog will be altered as I will go from cooking for two to one on a nightly basis. When the time comes I will be thrilled for school to start, but for the time I’m still heartbroken.


In that mood, I have made a hearty beef barley bean stew. I don’t have much energy for jazzing up the descriptions, so you will have to take my word for it.









First bf was wonderful and cut up the meat. I cut up the onion threw the onion-caused tears. Then I browned both.





I then added the mix in the bag, as well as the broth, some salt and pepper. I then simmered the whole mix for two hours.





I then added sherry and the potatoes. I then simmered everything for another hour.





After all of those hours, we finally had dinner. It was so delicious we both burned our tongues because we couldn’t wait.


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