Recent Repeats

While the primary purpose of this blog is to share and discuss recipes, I certainly don’t make new things every night. Who am I kidding, I don’t cook every night. There are nights when I am just too tired, or it’s too late, or I plainly don’t feel like going into the kitchen. On those nights, I’m quick to turn to Chinese, Vietnamese, or Thai takeout, order pizza, or make Ramen noodle soup. I know I really shouldn’t be eating the stuff because I’m not longer in college, but I actually really like it!

Then there are nights when I don’t want to worry about whether the final product is going to be tasty or whether or not I’m going to mess something up. On those evenings, I turn to favorites like the ones below.

Spanish Spaghetti

Fresh tortellinis with marinara sauce and Parmesan.

Chicken with quinoa and veggies. Although, I tried something new this time….

Red quinoa!!!

Molasses cookies

Pasta with fresh tomatoes, sausage, basil and Parmesan.


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