Easter Weekend

Christmas is my favorite time of year, without a doubt. I love my Christmas cookies and everything else that goes along with it. But homemade goodies aside, is there really a better holiday or time of year for sweets than Easter? I am going to raise my hand for the class and offer an answer: no!

Honestly, look at these yummies. So delicious!

These cakes were my contribution to our big Easter celebration. Mr. and Mrs. Bunny took quite a bit of fussing. My aunt started by making two round carrot cakes. Once they cooled, I cut them in half. I then frosted together the two halves so that they stood up on the flat sides. Next, I cut out a small triangle a little below the 1/3 mark on the cake. I then used half of that triangle and put it in the back as the tail. I know these descriptions are confusing and I’m sorry I didn’t get more pictures of the steps. I really intended to document my process, but these were the circumstances I was battling: my grandmother has a beautiful and charming home, but the kitchen is tiny! Also, there were ridiculous numbers of people around me, coming in and out, including my cousin’s new baby! Needless to say, I got a bit distracted.

Anyway, after putting the cake together, I then frosted the entire thing. This was no easy task. The cakes really should have beenĀ refrigerated, but they weren’t. So they were really crumbly. I had to use a ton of frosting and a combination of a knife and my fingers to cover the cake. Then, I cupped coconut shavings in my hands and gently pressed them against the cake, starting at the top. Next, I pushed two black jelly beans into the cake for eyes and a larger pink jelly bean for the nose. My aunt also helped me by cutting out the ears, which I stuck into the top of the head piece. For extra decoration, I sprinkled coconut and green sprinkles around the bunnies for grass and then some extra jelly beans.

One final amazing moment of my weekend came on Sunday night. A family friend had been visiting Tanzania and brought back huge backs of spices. Aren’t they gorgeous? They also smell glorious.

What did you do for Easter? What were your favorite things?


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