Pigs in a blanket and brussel sprouts

There are days when we all just need a fun kid’s meal. Nothing fancy, just plain fun. Pigs in a blanket were perfect.

I cut turkey dogs in half and then wrapped them in one croissant piece. I then baked them for about 11 minutes at 375 degrees.

This is what the little puppies look like when they are all done.

While the little piggies were cooking, I cut out the centers of the brussel sprouts and then sliced them up like you would cabbage for slaw.

I then heat up a little olive oil, butter and lemon juice. When the liquid was hot, I added the sprouts. I cooked them for about 90 seconds.

I thought the sprouts were delicious, but I love all thinks lemon. BF apparently doesn’t. I thought he didn’t like it on some things, but the dislike extends to all things lemon, except my lemonade cake. So next time, I’ll have to try them a different way.


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