Recipe Sites

When I first started working on my blog, one of the first things my family and friends asked me was “Where are you getting all of your recipes?” I have some of those friends and family members to thank for my dishes, but most of my creations, especially those under the “New Recipes” section are from various recipe websites. Below are some of the websites I rely on the most for inspiration. This site is fantastic for more high brow dishes. It’s a gigantic compilation of recipes from the magazines Gourmet and Bon Appetit. Almost all of the dishes are fantastic, some are definitely easier than others. This site has some really neat search options, so not only can you search by course, type of cuisine…but you can also search by main ingredient, healthy, quick preparation, vegetarian, you name it! The only downside is that new recipes are only added one or twice a month. Unlike epicurious, Allrecipes is constantly getting new recipes of all different kinds of cuisines, difficulty and complexity. However, these recipes haven’t been reviewed by expert magazine staff, so some are great and I could do without. Delish is more of an all-around cooking site. It has great recipes- especially healthy options, but also wonderful tips, videos, information about gadgets, blogs, etc. Another interesting feature is the holiday menus. While I would probably add a little innovation for my holiday menu, it has some great ideas and suggestions. If food tastes delicious, who would complain if it is a healthier version? Certainly not I. If you are of the same mindset, then this website is for you. It has tons of great features, one of my favorite is that it lists all the recipes in its recent issue. The website also has this fantastic 5-ingredient section where it has tons of recipes with five main ingredients, most of which can be found in a reasonably well-stocked pantry. It also has classifications for the recipes, such as time-efficient and kid-friendly, so you know they will please  wide audience!


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