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My very own, made up risotto

This dish represents a big moment for me. It is the first dish that I have officially created all by myself. I’ve made lots of changes to many of the recipes I’ve posted, but the initial inspiration has always belonged to someone else. Essentially, bf and I were in the mood for risotto, I had chicken and broccoli and decided to man up (or woman up) and just make something new. The good news: it was good!!!! Not my best risotto, but tasty and a good culinary moment.

First,  started by chopping and steaming the broccoli for about five minutes.

Then, while the broccoli (1 head) was steaming, I chopped the chicken (about 1.5-2 breasts) and cooked it until it was browned and cooked through.

Then, I emptied the chicken onto a plate and added the chopped onion and garlic (about one small onion and a few cloves of garlic) and cooked in a tablespoon or two of olive until the onion is tender and translucent. I decided to cook the chicken in one pan and use the same pan because then when I added the veggies and later the liquid, I was able to keep the intense chicken flavor. Using my wooden spoon, I scraped the bottom, until the brown bits of heavenly deliciousness had come up into the food.

Next, I added the arborio rice (about a cup) and cooked for a minute before adding 1/2 cup of white wine. I also added about a tablespoon of dried thyme (or more). I cooked the rice until the wine was about absorbed. While I was preparing the chicken and the rice, I put 2 cups of chicken broth (because it’s all I had left) and a cup of water in a small pot. I brought the mix to a very gentle simmer. Once the wine was absorbed, I added the broth in 1/2 cup fulls and stirred until it was just about absorbed, then repeated.

When the rice was ready and the broth was all absorbed, I added the broccoli, chicken, and Parmesan cheese.

Finally, I served up two delicious bowls. I was quite pleased with myself for not blowing up the kitchen or destroying my taste buds. Yay!


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Fregola Salad with Broccoli and Cipollini Onions

I have a confession: I have recently started watching cooking shows. I feel like that is a little embarrassing, but it’s such a great way to get recipes! I got this one from Giada. I like her show because the food isn’t dripping in butter and fat. This salad looked amazing. I didn’t make it exactly as the recipe suggested. I didn’t have chives, so I used parsley. I must say- the salad looked better on tv than it tasted. I don’t mean to give a bad impression- it was good, but not great. Very healthy and maybe with chives and some more salt and pepper I’d feel differently. I’ll have some leftovers tomorrow and I’ll get back to you. Here is the recipe:¬†http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/fregola-salad-with-broccoli-and-cipollini-onions-recipe/index.html

I started by peeling and cutting up the Cipollini onions.

I heated up the olive oil and cooked the onions for about 5 minutes, until they were golden brown.

I then added the minced garlic and cooked for another 30-45 seconds.

Next, I added the broccoli and sauteed for about a minute.

Then I added the water in the skillet, put the top on, and cooked for four minutes.

While the broccoli was cooking, I rinsed the cannellini beans, then added them to the skillet. I cooked the mix for about a minute to heat up the beans.

While I was cooking the vegetables, I also boiled the orzo. My grocery store didn’t carry fregola, so orzo was a nice alternative. I then mixed together the orzo and the vegetables.

Then I added the Parmesan and mixed again.

To make the dressing, I whisked together all of the ingredients, substituting the parsley for the chives, like I mentioned before.

Finally, I poured the dressing over the pasta and veggies and mixed one last time.

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